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13/11/2014 Daqing oilfield reinjection water technology update test successful
13/11/2014 Sinopec Jinzhou Petrochemical automatic backwash filter test successful
12/11/2014 The first China acidification filtration system test successful
30/7/2014 UK associated British foods group visited YNT new address
30/7/2014 Wuxi Municipal Standing Committee inspected the north a major project of science and Tech…
30/7/2014 Filter testing
30/7/2014 YNT China Painting And Calligraphy Association “The voice of ink ” painting live site .
30/7/2014 May 14th -16th ,YNT attended FLOWEXPO 2014 in Guangzhou
12/11/2014 China calligrapher "the sound ink" INOCO scene
12/11/2014 Subject: INOCO FuRong Plant won the pressure vessel and CE certificate
Automatic self cleaning filter
Bag filter
Filter separator
Filter elements
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YNTSH Anticorrosive
Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Technology Co. Ltd.
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   Oil mining and processing
   Accurate recovery of the catalyst
   Natural gas industry
   Water treatment
   Chemical production
   New energy
   Industrial manufacturing

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   Automatic self cleaning filter
   Automatic backwash strainer
   Bernoulli filter
   Backflush filter
   Bag filter
   Gas filtering and separation
   Air strainer
   Sintered porous metal filter
   Cartridge filter
   Pipeline strainer
   Inline filter
   Static mixer

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