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Filtration Separation Purification
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    Automatic backwash filter

    Inoco XF - F 3series automatic backwashing filter is a kind of filter which can provide a wide range of comprehensive use of industrial, it can guarantee the purity and reliablity of filtrated liquid. 
    • Product overview
    • Swell-shrink type filter element
    • Multi-layers mesh filter element
    • Application
    • This filter provides fully automatic backwashing cleaning operations, and it can continuously separate impurities from water and other liquids. The maintenance and operation of filter is very simple, even in the severe operating conditions it also can continue to keep running in a good condition.

    • XF - F series filter can be equipped with different amount of elements to provide maximum filtering area in each filter housing. This makes the filter to have smallest pressure loss when working.
      The pressure design of filter body is usually based on the chemical pipeline filter and steel pressure vessel design standards. The filter also can adapt to the special requirements of other design criteria. Filter main body has the materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and duplex phase steel and etc. At the same time, we also can provide special materials such as titanium, pure nickel and etc.

    • XF-F3-1 model cartridge working principle

      XF-F3-1 model cartridge working principle

    • Product features

      Flow rate 1-5000M3/H
      Filter precision 25-3000μm
      Working pressure 0-10.0Mpa
      Valve Motor or Pneumatic
      Filtration standard GB150,HG/T21637
      Filter element material 304、316、Hastelloy
      Valve material CS、304、316、Hastelloy
      Seal material Buna-N、EPDM、Fluorous rubber
    • Automatic backwash filter working principle

      The water which needs to be filtered flows into the shell through the lower bottom of the filter and enters the lumen of the filter element through the rotary table from bottom to top and be drained out through the filter element. The filtered clean water flows out from the upper outlet of the filter. Solid impurities are trapped in the inner side of the filter element. No need of cutting off the water flow when the filter is on backwashing process. Motor drives filter wheel rotating and at the same time the drain valve was opened. Each filter element will be backwashed by the filtered clean water in turns.
      The pressure difference between the water pressure in filter and the atmospheric pressure can make filtration liquid flows reversely so that the intercept impurity on inner face of the filter element can be removed. After the wheel rotates a round, backwashing process is over. Then backwashing valve closed and drive motor stops.

    • Model options
      flow rate sheet and filtering area
      accuracy(Micron) 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 150 / 200
      flow rate(M3/H) 8 / 12 / 23 / 33 / 47 / 58
      backwash media 80
      Above is the reference data of single cartridge and clean water medium.
    • Cleaning information

    • drain size DN200-DN25
      clean control pressure difference and timing
      backwash media after filtering liquid
      min water comsuption(L) 10-60
      clean time(s) 30 - 60(could be set)

    • INOCO XF-F3 series automatic backwash filter site application

    • INOCO XF-F2 series automatic backwash filter Swell-shrink type filter element 


      When the filter condition is difficult, INOCO recommends the swell-shrink element type filter. During the extensive research and development of the non-metallic components, INOCO design the polypropylene filter element which obtained a patent. This way of filtering is a kind of innovation in technology.
      We have successfully conducted field test to show the sewage filtering capability of swell-shrink element filtering. INOCO XF-F2 filter can filter sewage into daily-using recycle water.
      Swell-shrink element can produce filter seam in backwash process to avoid being stuck by the hard dirt. The solid material which is left in the filtering process is trapped inside of the filter element. (As shown in figure 1)
      When the backwashing begins, the direction of flow is reversed and flows from the outside to the inside of the components. Backwashing expands the space of filter element in a very short period of time——Swell-shrink effect——can clean up the most difficult removing dirt. (As shown in figure 2)

    •  Working Status

        Backwashing Status

    • INOCO XF-F4 series automatic backwash filter

      Multi-layers mesh filter element

    • Product features

      F4 series automatic backwash filter uses multi-layers mesh elements structure, so that it can maximize the effective filtering area. With efficient backwashing technique and INOCO unique laser welding technology, this series of filter is specially suitable for offshore platform and marine ship application.
      Filter is not only designed to meet the normal flow rate, but also has a set of additional spare filter cartridges. When it needs washing, the spare filter starts working, so that this does not affect the pipe resistance. The cleaning components move in sucking up and down, it can clean impurities in shortest time with maximize clean level.
      The axis of rotation and filter disc pads is made of four fluorine material, and according to the wear and tear condition, it has automatic adjustment function to minimize sliding sideways.

    • Wedge cartridge application fields

      Water and wastewater
      Pulp and paper
      Iron and steel
      Non-ferrous metal
      Plastic extrusion processing
      Machine coolant filtration
      Construction industry

      INOCO wedge type cartridges design and manufacturing has below advantages:

      Surface which is not easy blocked
      High open ratio
      Low pressure difference
      Large flow rate
      High mechanical strength
      High strength
      Easy to clean

    • If there is any filtration related to liquid/solid separation in actual projects, we will provide high quality and variety of filtration products, and our senior engineers will help you to achieve maximum efficiency and benefit
    • Separation
      Dielectric barrier
      Classification, sorting
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