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Filtration Separation Purification
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    • Product overview
    • Filter description

      INOCO-BG model tubular type automatic filter system, can regenerate automatically without stopping the system, it is a kind of automatic self-cleaning filter, can effectively reduce manual cleaning, no need to replace filter element, widely used in continuous production, high risk operation environment and the application where is not suitable for metal elements.

    • Working principle

      During the filtration, which takes place in a pressure vessel, the liquid is pressed from the outside through the filter medium. Solids collect on its surface and form a uniform cake. The cake remains on the filter elements due to their concave-convex profile and a continually maintained pressure differential across them. when the pressure drop to the set value ,inlet and outlet valve turn off ,compressed air flow into the filter and dry the filter cake ,in the backwashing processing ,the particles will be removed ,and the filter element could be regenerate.

    • Filtering medium

      1、central tube
      filtrate collector with solid wall total displacement of filtrate from the filter element.
      2、filter tube
      Support for filter medium
      3、typical apertures on filter tubes
      4、filter medium
      Pressed against the bundled filter tubes during filtration
      5、filter cake
      6、collection chamber
      Connecting central tube(1)with filter tubes(2)
      Exits filter element through central tube
      8、blow-back gas
      Initiates the discharge of the filter cake

      1.Pressure vessel
      2.Heel volume nozzle
      3.Filtrate nozzles
      4.Solid-residue discharge nozzle
      5.Overflow and vent nozzle
      6.Product feed nozzle
      7.Instrumentation nozzle
      8.Saddle flange for heel filtration spray jet nozzle
      9.Inspection port
      11.Filter element
      12.Filter medium(cloth, felt, membrane etc.)
      13.Cloth clamp ring

    • DS-BG-2 model continue thicker

      There is one long or short filtration step after the pre-filtration ,this step will be stopped with liquid stopping ,the discharge is by back blowing ,but no need to empty internal liquid .this step makes the filter cake falling and down to the filter conical bottom ,the new filtration cycle is turning to filtration processing .
      Equipment character :
      Wet and dry discharge; The filtered solids are dewatered and discharged by gas blow-back; Filter cake can be used for reaction;

    • Continuous thickening;
      This filter type allows continuous filtration without interruption of flow;The solids are flushed back into the liquid and discharged in slurry form. This filtration process mainly applies for processes where continuous flow is required;
    • GMP Filter;
      This filter is designed to comply with the high production standards of pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Surface finish and design of internals allow effective cleaning of all parts in contact with product.
    • Back blowing
      No matter dry or wet discharge ,the discharge model is by internal reverse pressure .
      Compact structure easy back blowing .
      After emptying the filter vessel, cake washing and drying, each filter element is subjected to a reverse gas flow pressure shock. As the filter medium expands, vertical cracks are generated in the cake. When the medium reaches its maximum deflection, its movement stops and the cake is thrown off.
    • Wide applications : Titanium dioxide / The current board / Viscose fiber / Nickel production / Flue gas desulfurization / Wastewater treatment / Resin / The production of PVC / Removal of the catalyst / Phosphating / Activated carbon / Zeolite production / The production of edible oil / Chlor alkali production / Polyol / Gas desulfurization
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