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    Natural Gas Filtration and Separation

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    In all over the world, oil mining ,production ,natural gas mining, processing, liquefaction, transportation etc applications ,INOCO provides a wide range of filters and filtration systems to remove the liquid and solids in the gas. With service experience for 18000 companies in the world's , leading filtering laboratory, strong manufacturing capacity, we can provide excellent reliability and high performance products to you .
    Gas filter is suitable for application of removal solid particles from the gas or working condition without liquid separation requirements.
    INOCO LCN-1 series of dry gas filter is to remove dust particles from the gas with high efficiency filtration products. It is used to remove dust, solid particles and rust in the gas. High performance filters pay a crucial role on the protection of p…
    INOCO LCN-2 gas-liquid coalescing filter effects: liquid content can be reduced to 0.003ppmw, for the removal of solid particles with accuracy 0.3μm up to99.99%.
    INOCO 500 Series filter separator is mainly used in the need for efficient removal of solid and liquid particles , regardless of the particle size these also can be applied. Filter separator is particularly suitable for removing dust and smoke which …
    INOCO Series 700 Separating filter is combined by YNT vane separated and YNT coalescence elements. the droplets more than 5-8μm can be 100% separated and the solid particles 0.5μm are 99% filtered.
    INOCO 900 Series Cyclone separator is a combination of multi-branch cyclone tube and cartridges for separating particles and droplets from gas.
    Gas-solid separation elements, is core component of dry air filter and used to remove particulate impurities from natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, natural gas and petrochemical plants dry gas and etc. PF series filter elements is usin…
    INOCO SF stainless steel plaiting elements mainly use 316L stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel woven mesh, elements sealing surface use arc welding and adhesive bonding process, the filter layers use multi-fold plaiting process an…
    INOCO GF Series elements use high-density and glass fiber, designed to overall monolithic pipe structure in order to avoid Breakage leakage, elements surface is done by Oleophobic and hydrophobic treatment to meet the requirements of various levels o…
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