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    Gas Filtration and Purification

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    INOCO provides a wide range of filter and filtration system, which is used to remove the liquid and pollutants in the gas. With the leading filter laboratory, strong manufacturing capacity, global marketing network, we can provide you with excellent reliability and high performance products. All the filters can be in accordance with GB150-2011 and ASME U & U2.
    Based on the research and development experience and technology accumulation in membrane process for many years, INOCO provides all kinds of high-efficiency, high-quality micro-porous membrane filter system for the global customers with using most ad…
    INOCO SGA-A Series compressed air filter is an essential filtering equipment of factory or instrument gas quality improvement. INOCO filter can remove the water in air, oil, iron scale and other impurities thoroughly, the filtering efficiency can be …
    The working pressure range of INOCO SGA-D series high pressure filter is 25-400 bar, and it obtained the record of security and reliability within the scope. Compared with other products in filter industry, D series high pressure filter provides con…
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