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    INOCO all series filtration solution can meet kinds of different water quality in industry area, our professional system design is made and provided according to each customer’s requirement to solve water treatment efficiently, by global sales network and close cooperation with customers, our manufacture capability, rich experience and technology ability can help you reduce costs, reduce energy consumption, improve the quality.
    INOCO-XF-X model automatic self cleaning filter is a kind of filter suitable for bad environment, it can be equipped with 3500 microns - 50 micron mesh and 8-36 "pipeline diameter for different using requirements. The cleaning process is started by a…
    INOCO-XF-X5 Series Gravity impurity brush self cleaning filter is mainly used in the fluid which contains more gravity impurities in filtering medium.。 INOCO-XF-X5 series automatic self-cleaning filter is a kind of filter which is suitable for bad …
    XF - D2 series self cleaning filter has higher filtration precision and minimum cleaning water loss, it can provide the most security for industrial system.
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