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Filtration Separation Purification

    Cooperation and Agent

    Cooperation and agency:

      Since April 2007 restructured to INOCO, the company performance is with more than 50% growth every year, INOCO has D1, D2 class pressure vessel manufacturing license and CE certificates which are issued by EU authority party ; Our mission is to be one revitalized national brand filtration enterprise ,and every year ,we will pay 40% of our profit to R&D which is for our products improvement and competitiveness ,till now ,INOCO already obtained 13 items of patents ,and our patent applications are more than 30 items .

      INOCO already has established business cooperation with more than 15000 enterprises all of the world ,For making more and more customers to know us ,we cost much on internet advertising and industry exhibition every year .

      For better service to the market ,we do hope to establish strategic cooperation and agency with each area trade company ,EPC ,excellent representative party etc .which could lets us with complementary advantages and creating better value .

      We look forward to your call and visiting .


      General Manager: Mr. Zhao Kunnian 15852561666

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