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Filtration Separation Purification
    CNOOC Dong fang 13-2 seawater filter and coalescer used in gas field project
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    Dong fang 13-2 gas field group development project was rebuilt one new center platform(DF13-2CEPB) and one wellhead platform (DF13-2WHPA) in the zone of dong fang 13-2 gas field, besides, one Production auxiliary platform(DF1-1 PRP)was rebuilt at the same time. This project will also lay 5 submarine pipelines, total length of 248.8 km, and 3 submarine cables, total length about 48.9 km. Which will base on existing four platforms (DF1-1CEPD, ld22-1cep, yc13-1apd, yc13-1awa) and the dong fang terminal and the zhuhai high rail terminal to have reformation.

    Dong fang 1-1 gas field and dong fang 13-2 gas field are located in the sea of yingge,in the north of south china sea. Among which, dong fang 1-1 gas field is located in about 100 Km west of yinggehai town,dong fang city, hainan province, about 113Km away from dong fang city. Dong fang 13-2 gas field is about 21.5 Km away from DF1-1CEPD platform, built in dong fang 1-1 gas field, which is about 132Km from dong fang terminal, which will rely on le dong 22-1 gas field located in 130 Km the west south of sanya city of hainan province.Yancheng 13-1 gas field is located 100 km south of sanya city, hainan province. The dong fang terminal is located in the dong fang industrial park of dongfang city, hainan province, about 4 Km from the eastern city. The Gaonan terminal is located at the south side of the Gaonan island economic development zone, about 60 km away from zhuhai city.

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