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    INOCO very appreciate previous all clients trust and business opportunity ,and we are so honored for our business cooperation . In INOCO ,our always mission is to provide more and more high quality products and service.

    Nuclear power
    CHINA Nuclear Power Engineering CO Ling ao nuclear power plant phase ii
    Liaoning HYH NPP unit 1 and 2
    Guangdong Yangjiang NPP unit 1 and 2
    Fujian Ningde NPP unit 1 and 2

    China National Offshore Oil Corporation SZ36-1 project 2
    CNOOC Yingkou Natural Gas Company Limited Xianren island liquefaction plant project ConocoPhillips (China) Co., Ltd. PL19-3 oil field development project 1
    Roc Oil (Bohai oil) companies Zhao Dong Block Project
    China National Petroleum Corporation Liaoyang Petrochemical Company
    China PetroChina Qian’guo Petroleum refinery furfural law THF device for 2.1 million tons / year
    China Petrochemical Dalian Petrochemical Company reclaimed water system
    China West-East oil and gas transmission projects
    China National Petroleum and Gas Group Jianghan Petroleum Administration
    China PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company
    China Petroleum Lanzhou Chemical Research Center
    Liaoning Panjin Liaohe Oilfield Dingsheng Vehicle Gas Ltd.

    China Petrochemical Group Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation
    China Petrochemical Corporation Jinling Branch catalyst device
    Yueyang Sinopec Shell Coal Gasification Company duplex steel filtration system Yangzi Petrochemical Company 1,050,000 tons / year PTA revamping
    Tianjin Petrochemical Company LLDPE unit 300000 tons / year
    Qilu Petrochemical Company Shengli Refinery 2 # flare system
    China Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company Limited
    Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company 8,000,000 tons / year refinery expansion project
    Changchun Xinda oil group Agriculture National Petrochemical Company Limited 1.5million tons of fuel oil project
    Textile, printing and dyeing
    Jiangsu Sanfangxiang group co., LTD
    Steed chemical fiber co., LTD
    Yizheng Guifei corporation chemical co., LTD
    Rixin textile co., LTD
    Zhejiang Longsheng group co., LTD.,
    Xiaoxing chemical fiber (jiaxing) co., LTD
    Hangzhou Yibang spandex co., LTD
    Fujian textile chemical fiber group co., LTD
    Shandong penang huanyu textile technology co., LTD

    Electronic, paper
    Jianding (wuxi) electronics co., LTD
    Shanxi hydratight electronic material co., LTD
    China metallurgical Meili paper co., LTD
    Vinda paper (jiangmen) co., LTD
    Jiulong paper (taicang) co., LTD
    Shandong chenming paper group co., LTD
    Wuxi rongcheng paper co., LTD

    Water treatment, coating
    China gezhouba group co., LTD
    Guangxi veolia water co., LTD
    Shenzhen watertreatment group co., LTD
    Zhejiang European and American environmental engineering co., LTD
    Dasma environmental science and technology (Beijing) co., LTD
    Beijing city environmental protection industry development co., LTD
    Beijing LuChuang ecological technology co., LTD
    Wuxi Huishan sewage treatment plant
    Shanghai international paint co., LTD
    Akzo Nobel protective coatings (suzhou) co., LTD

    Food, pharmaceutical
    British Associated food Harbin food additive co., LTD.
    Wyeth nutrition (suzhou) co., LTD
    Qingdao beer Ma’anshan co., LTD
    Zhejiang Nais group co., LTD
    Hebei hualong group Jinye condiment co., LTD.
    Haodangjia group co., LTD
    Shenyang jilong corn biochemical co., LTD
    Xijie (shenyang, liaocheng) biological technology co., LTD
    Taichi group co., LTD
    Zhejiang Xinhecheng co., LTD.
    Jiangsu jiangshan pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Huanggang fuchi pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Dongrui (nantong, suzhou) medical technology co., LTD
    Jiangsu tenglong biological pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Jiangsu XinFu pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Changzhou Yinsheng pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Zhejiang Haizheng pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Zhejiang Jinming pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Chifeng pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Shijiazhuang pharmaceutical group (shijiazhuang) co., LTD
    Hebei HuaGe pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Hebei shengxue dacheng Tangshan pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Shandong Zhongcheng pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Shandong xinhua pharmaceutical group co., LTD
    Shandong heze farce eagle pharmaceutical group co., LTD
    Xiangxi Aorick pharmaceutical chemical co., LTD
    Jiangyin huachang food additive co., LTD
    Beijing Chaofan food co., LTD

    Petrochina lanzhou chemical research center
    Southwest chemical research and design institute
    Beijing petrochemical engineering co., LTD
    Taiyuan Chemical No.2 Institute
    Coal science research institute
    Zhejiang Meiyang international engineering design co., LTD
    Beijing chemical reagents institute
    Chinese sciences academy plasma physics Institute
    Chinese sciences academy shanxi coal research institute
    Huaibei blasting institute
    Beijing university earth and space sciences college
    Zigong light industry design institute co., LTD
    China Blue light chemical industry research institute co., LTD
    Tianhua chemical machinery and automation research and design institute

    Engineering supporting
    Jingding Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited
    Fluor Dow Corning Project
    Technip BASF-YPC project
    Samsung Engineering & Construction (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Samsung Electro
    Jutal Oilfield Services (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
    Takasago Beijing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Wuxi Sony projects
    Hangzhou Hua Luo Gas Works Co. 25467NM3 / zeolite air filter
    Hang oxygen - air separation Dragons 20000

    Manufacturing Industry
    China ship building industry corporation
    Tianjin bohai oil Marine engineering co., LTD
    Tianjin Xiangtai petroleum engineering technology service co., LTD
    Beijing chemical university
    Air liquid co., LTD
    Chengdu cryogenic liquid equipment co., LTD
    Shenyang yuanda compressor co., LTD
    Hangzhou energy engineering co., LTD
    Chinese chemical engineering No.6 construction company
    China construction bureau NO.1 group installation engineering co., LTD
    Jiangsu industrial equipment installation group co., LTD
    Suzhou new environmental engineering and management consulting co., LTD
    Jiangsu Tianqi system engineering co., LTD
    Little swan group industrial washing machine co., LTD
    China electronic systems engineering No.2 construction co., LTD.
    Dalian pies gas systems co., LTD
    Dalian Ok membrane technology engineering co., LTD
    Kaiyuan chemical machinery co., LTD
    Shandong gold group yantai design research engineering co., LTD
    Guangzhou Tianci Sanhe environmental protection engineering co., LTD.,
    Shaanxi boyu automatic control engineering co., LTD
    China Nuclear group xi 'an nuclear equipment co., LTD
    Bayer (China) Co., Ltd.
    Evonik Industries Group
    BASF Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai BPI project
    South Asia plastic industry (Nantong) Co., Ltd.
    Wu Yu (Changshu) fluorine material Co., Ltd.
    Wacker polymer (Nanjing) Co. Ltd.
    Formosa Plastics 450 thousand tons of Ningbo PP project
    MITSUBISHI Li Yang polymer material (Nantong) Co., Ltd.
    INVISTA fibers (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
    Shandong Haihua Limited by Share Ltd
    Shandong dawn Group Co. Ltd.
    Yantai Juli isocyanate Co. Ltd.
    Shandong Lu Yang Limited by Share Ltd
    May (Shandong) Biological Products Co., Ltd.
    Shandong Ji'nan Shengquan chemical Limited by Share Ltd
    Shandong Wudi Xinyue Chemical Co. Ltd.
    Dongying Wanda Group Co., Ltd.
    Shandong Dongchang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Weifang Yun Feng Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Yunnan Yuntianhua international chemical Limited by Share Ltd 500 thousand tons of synthetic ammonia hydrogen sulfide project
    Yunnan Qujing Zhongyi fine chemical Limited by Share Ltd
    Yunnan River phosphorus group Limited by Share Ltd
    Inner Mongolia Yidong group east energy chemical industry limited liability company distillation coal comprehensive utilization project
    Inner Mongolia chemical fertilizer plant 300 thousand tons / year synthetic ammonia project
    Inner Mongolia Baiyinhua Opencast Coal Mine Co. Ltd. of Haizhou
    Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd.
    Wujing Shanghai Chemical Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Thorpe (Group) Co., Ltd.
    Wuxi Green EPPs chemical Limited by Share Ltd Zhenjiang branch
    Zhenjiang Li Changrong integrated petrochemical industry Co., Ltd.
    Nanjing LAN-STAR chemical new material Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Jin Pu Group Co., Ltd.
    Kangtai Jiangsu Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Linggu Chemical Co. Ltd.
    Nanjing titanium dioxide chemical limited liability company
    Jiangsu Sanmu Group Corporation
    Suzhou Jin Hong gas Limited by Share Ltd
    Jiangsu Bowring chemical Limited by Share Ltd
    Jiangsu Hualun Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Nantong pesticide chemical Limited by Share Ltd
    Zhenjiang United Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
    Even Ji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
    Flying chemical (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.
    COFCO Eastocean cereals and oil industry (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.
    Morita chemical (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.
    Changchun chemical industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Hualun Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Yangzhou city Colgate Sanxiao Co. Ltd.
    Ningbo Ocean Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Changxin glass 800 tons / day of the float glass production line
    Zhejiang Jia chemical industry Limited by Share Ltd
    Juhua Group Corporation
    Zhejiang Yongtai Polytron Technologies Inc
    Zhejiang blue sky environmental protection Fluorine Material Co., Ltd.
    Tangshan Sanyou chemical Limited by Share Ltd
    Hebei Hua Ge Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Cangzhou new Refco Group Ltd
    Hebei Yatai Electric Co Ltd
    Hebei Taurus chemical Limited by Share Ltd
    Datang International Power Generation Co
    China Shipbuilding Industry Corp No. 718 Research Institute
    Central Hebei Energy Refco Group Ltd
    Anhui copper foil crown Co. Ltd.
    Anhui Kodak gas Limited by Share Ltd
    Anhui Changjiang Auto Group Co., Ltd.
    Anhui chemical Limited by Share Ltd
    Fujian steel (Group) Sanming Chemical limited liability company
    Shanxi Fengxi fertilizer industry (Group) Limited by Share Ltd
    Ningxia Petrochemical Group of 40 thousand tons / year polypropylene unit
    The technical renovation project of Yanlian industrial group company polypropylene plant
    Yi Hai (Jiamusi) grain and oil industry Co., Ltd.
    Daqing Qing Lian Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
    Hubei broad Chi pharmaceutical chemical Limited by Share Ltd
    Hubei Yihua chemical Limited by Share Ltd
    Hubei Xingfa Group Co., Ltd. silicone project
    Zhuhai Wantong Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Zhuhai Huarun packing material Co., Ltd.
    Guangdong Xinhua Guangdong Formosa Petrochemical Co
    Liaoning Honghao Formosan Union Chemical Corporation
    Liaoning Hua Jin chemical industry (Group) Co., Ltd.
    Xinghua Shaanxi Refco Group Ltd
    A project of Henan baililian chemical Limited by Share Ltd 2x15 titanium rich material
    Sichuan longmang Refco Group Ltd
    Sichuan Coal Coking Group Co., Ltd.
    Jiangxi Liwen Chemical Co. Ltd.

    Energy, steel, materials
    Jiangsu zhongneng silicon industry 8000 tons/year polysilicon project
    Leshan lediantianwei silicon industry science and technology co., LTD. 3000 tons/year polysilicon project
    Kunming metallurgy research new materials co., LTD. 3000 t/a polysilicon
    Zhejiang hesheng silicon industry co., LTD
    Hubei sanxin silicon industry co., LTD
    Sichuan ruineng silicon material co., LTD. 3000 t/a polysilicon
    Inner Mongolia zhongwang science co., LTD in 1500 t/a polysilicon
    Inner Mongolia shenzhou silicon industry co., LTD
    Jiangsu sunshine group ningxia sunshine 1500 tons/year polysilicon project
    Wuhan dongli pv electronics co., LTD. 5000 tons/year polysilicon project
    Choi city solar energy environmental protection technology (tianjin) co., LTD
    Nanjing titanium dioxide chemical co., LTD
    Sichuan dragon python titanium industry co., LTD
    Luoyang LuanChuanLuo industry group co., LTD
    Hunan jindadi material co., LTD
    Zhejiang juke aluminium industry co., LTD
    Jiangsu fengyuan aluminum industry co., LTD
    Ningbo Huayang aluminum technology industry co., LTD
    Yongkang Lishida aluminum industry co., LTD
    Ningbo Yunsheng co., LTD
    Zhenjiang Dingsheng aluminum industry co., LTD.,
    Jiangsu Kailike cobalt industry co., LTD
    German Baker Geelyn new material (jiangyin) co., LTD
    Wuhan Baohua petrochemical new materials development co., LTD
    Shandong Dongyue shenzhou new materials co., LTD
    Jiangsu Luyuan new materials co., LTD
    Jiangyin Nijiaxiang new materials co., LTD
    Henan Longyu coal chemical co., LTD
    Hebei central energy group co., LTD
    Xinjiang longjiang xingguanzhong special steel co., LTD

    SMS technology (Beijing) co., LTD
    Kazakhstan Atyrau oil refinery co., LTD aromatics production joint device
    Kazakhstan Aktobe rectifying chemical co., LTD., straight hydrochloric acid caustic soda plant project
    Bulgaria Mali east No.2 thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization project
    Australia Citic Pacific mining management co., LTD
    AB Mauri
    China international water conservancy electric power company Singapore branch
    Heilongjiang province thermal power in the third engineering company

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