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Filtration Separation Purification
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    Oil Mining and Processing

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    From the land and sea oil exploration and exploitation, to the crude oil refining and refining processing, INOCO use the innovation of technical capacity and a wide range of filter system, provide customers with complex filtering solution, and improve working efficiency. For decades, we have been supplied filtration separation equipment for cnooc, petrochina, Sinopec. Our products can be designed to meet your requirements for separation efficiency, reliability and economy.


    Low sulfur gasoline and low sulfur diesel fuel
    S Zorb device was developed by Sinopec with the introduction of American ConocoPhillips company Szorb gas adsorption desulfurization technology, built to producer IV standard gasoline production device. Porous metal filter has played an important role in the device.


      Oil and gas field acidizing treatment
    Return drainage filtering system is widely used in world oil production and processing industry. Supplying chemicals to the pipelines, oil Wells, gas Wells through high pressure pumps, separation filters, automatic pre filtration unit, used to thaw out broken down, make oil (gas) well return to normal work.

      Hydrogenation unit
    INOCO back flush filter has been successfully applied in naphtha hydrogenation, gasoline hydrogenation, diesel hydrogenation, jet fuel hydrogenation, residual oil hydrogenation, etc. Compared with our competitors, INOCO can effectively reduce more than 50% of the pollutants discharge.

      Catalytic cracking unit
    By integrating successful application of INOCO backwash filter in the hydrocracking device, its unique metal microporous filter device can effectively cope with the catalytic oil slurry high temperature, high impurities, while the absolute precision can reach 1 ~ 5 microns.

      Sulfur recovery
    INOCO three-stage separation filter, compared with the traditional filter, can make the quality of the amine liquid quality higher, with less maintenance costs. Its nasty cold water filters, coalescence filter can reach the same level with the imported products from Israel or other countries.

      Oil sands
    The oil sand’s mining is a big challenge in technology; especially caused pressure for the region water in the process. While INOCO’s experiences in filtration, separation and purification have being applied to the oil sands field.

      PX aromatics, ethylene, polypropylene, butadiene
    INOCO standardized pipeline filter and cartridge filter can help manufacturers to reduce costs and reduce maintenance costs.

      Air separation, coking
    INOCO gas filter can minimize the pollutant emissions, to meet the environmental requirements; at the same time, automatic operation system reduces the labor cost.

      Lubricating oil production
    Bag filter is the necessary product in the process of lube oil production; INOCO has been trying to maximum extent helping customers to improve product quality.

      Coal gasification
    High temperature and high pressure, high precision--- INOCO can easily solve these complex working conditions, we have been concerned about how to use filtering cartridge in the complex condition efficiently, how to lengthen the service life of filter element.

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