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Filtration Separation Purification
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    Accurate Recovery Of The Catalyst

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    Since established, INOCO has sold nearly ten thousand sets of metal microporous filter, hundreds of thousands of sintering filter elements; the core filter medium of metal microporous filter uses international latest technology development of metal powder sintered filter element, filtering precision can reach 0.5um to 5 um, suitable for all kinds of complicated conditions. Unique cleaning process with excellent filtering element, INOCO special products can reduce emissions by more than 70%


      PTA/CTA liquid filter
    Through a variety of instruments such as turbidity meter probe, the mud density meter, the filter cake thickness, flow controller, pressure sensor, pneumatic valve and PLC control system, INOCO make complex filtering process to be fully automatical operation.
      Co/Mn catalyst recycling
    Unique two-stage filtering technology, precise PH value control and adjustment of the CMB/CMA, recovery unit oxidation of Co/Mn catalyst, the user benefits raises to the biggest.

      PTA refining stage
    The drain water out of the system still contains a large number of PTA, after oxidation, refined, if you directly send the product to the sewage processing workshop, it certainly will be wasted. At present, most PTA manufacturers are using the recovery of PTA filtering technology.
      Pb/C catalyst recycling
    Perfect metal powder sintering technology provides clients with safe and efficient process of complete sets of technology and equipment, to ensure complete accurate recovery of Pb/C catalyst.

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