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Filtration Separation Purification
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    Water Treatment

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    INOCO full range of filtering scheme can satisfy the requirements of a variety of water quality in the industry. Our professional group can design according to the requirements of each customer specific with effective water treatment and filtering scheme.
    INOCO filter industry solution can meet all applicable certification standards and meet the strict environmental protection standard requirements.

      Oilfield rejection water
    INOCO in daqing oil field, has been successful will be filtered the suspended solids, oil, grain in water to be a 1:1:1 standard. The biggest advantage of this scheme is that the high economical automatic filtering system.

      Flue gas desulfurization liquid discharge processing
    90% enterprises such as Urumqi petrochemical, Dalian petrochemical, Harbin petrochemical, sinochem quanzhou, jinzhou petrochemical, jinling petrochemical, Yangzi petrochemical enterprises of China adopts dupont desulfurization technology chose INOCO discharge liquid filtration system.

      Coking/ coal chemical industry wastewater treatment
    Fine coal chemical industry wastewater composition is complex, INOCO can provide whole water treatment solutions for H2S, oils, NH3, phenol, COD, BOD and SS of filtration, separation, purification.

      Water resource utilization
    Due to increasingly scarce of global resources, INOCO boost industrial manufacturing enterprises to use of sea water, rain water, lake water, river water, circulating water and other resources efficiently. INOCO can provide a series of filtration equipment including prefiltering, fine filtration, ultrafiltration.

      Industrial water
    In industrial manufacturing process, such as paper making, iron and steel industry, will produce lots of wastewater, INOCO all series filter can deal with all kinds of complicated conditions, to maximize the wastewater recycling, at the same time, will not charge a large cost.

      Wastewater discharge
    INOCO filters help some device to solve the sewage discharge and sustainable utilization, not only to reduce the operation cost, more is to help improve products additional value Just like the advanced coal gasification system, oily wastewater, oily sludge etc.

      Sea water desalinization
    INOCO Large flow filters can effectively protect important devices in seawater desalination, such as ultra filtration, reverse osmosis, nano-filtration,. meanwhile, the absolute accuracy can reduced replacing for expensive filter media.

      Mine water
    In well water, INOCO filters can protect high pressure nozzle, reduce the frequent cleaning; INOCO filters can efficiently utilized coal mine circulating water , widely used for irrigation and mining.

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