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Filtration Separation Purification
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    INOCO high performance liquid -solid separation technology grouped with Screening, filtration, reverse blowing, backwashing, discharge, recycling helps customers achieve purification system, improve operational efficiency and reduce waste, moreover in line with the EPA and other government agencies and regulations, extend the separator service life.

    We can provide a full range of services from test to commercial scale installation for bio refineries, including the developing new and advanced solutions for filtering, mixing and separation .

    With our experience in the process, we provide the most practical solutions to cope with the real filtration challenges. Our filters and services enable you to meet the requirements and increase production, while reduce the total cost.

      Synthesis ammonia
    Synthesis gas, ammonia, carbon dioxide, ammonia liquid, methanol solution, MDEA solution entraining solid corrosion particles and sub micron oil contamination which will pollutes catalyst in system then caused catalyst service life and production efficiency is reduced.

      Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) production / anthraquinone fixed bed oxidation process
    INOCO metal micro porous filters compared to traditional bag filter can reduce the manual maintenance, prevent leakage, improve operation efficiency and product quality.

      Ammonium nitrate
    There is always oil and impurity in the ammonia, compressed air or process gas which is difficult to remove, causing oxidation furnace platinum gauze catalyst deactivation and use cycle shorten; INOCO filters can effectively solve these problems so as to improve the use of platinum catalyst.

      Aromatic compounds (aniline and phenol, caprolactam polystyrene, PTA, styrene, TDA, TDI, MD)
    NOCO advanced metal elements such as fiber sintered felt, powder elements with long service life design can greatly reduce the use cost in these industry as above.

    Coating system can generate ultra pure saline water, meanwhile to protect the downstream system without the use of pre filtering system.

      Coal chemical industry
    The chemical industry has been working to improve the quality, reduce emissions INOCO industry solution can meet the most stringent standards, including international standards.

      Other chemicals
    Dyes and pigments, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, silica gel products, specialty chemicals.

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