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Filtration Separation Purification
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    We service all over the world factories, automobile factories and key automotive parts factories, paint factories, paper mill. INOCO filters can ensure the fluid in the production process to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness. At the same time ; keep a small maintenance costs and less downtime.

      Steel and non-ferrous metals
    No matter for fine filtration, or for use repeatedly, INOCO has products for you to choose. In lubrication system, INOCO filters is capable of reliable and economic reducing oil system of particles and water pollutant levels. In order to achieve the lowest cost.

    INOCO filters can provide the best solution for sea water, hydraulic and lubricating oil system, diesel engine.

    Nowadays car makers are facing such problems of quality, production efficiency and cost reduce. INOCO filters are ensured that the manufacturing process for almost each kind fluid system has reached the highest standards of cleanliness. The final is to reduce the repair and down time then lower replacement costs.

    INOCO has been committed to provide specially designed filtration products for paper industry customers’ modern and future development , oil purification and inspection system, making the papermaking machines achieve longer operation time and higher productivity.

      Air separation
    As for process gas or sterile air which factory needs or manufacturing plant for air separation. INOCO can provide a list of filtration solutions.

    INOCO provides filtration, purification and separation solutions for various fluid and industry including semiconductor, display, data storage and optical.

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